While developing for my work or personal side projects, these are the main apps that I use:

IDE: JetBrains PhpStorm

My main editor is PhpStorm. It can handle PHP (🤓), JavaScript, TypeScript and a lot of other stuff. Its code intelligence and refactoring tools are the best you can get. I’m using the new UI and try to keep it as clean as possible, so no tabs (I switch with cmd+E) and also no line numbers. When I need a line number (for example one returned from an error message), I use cmd+L to go to the correct line.

PHPStorm screenshot

Used color scheme: Hiberbee
Used font: MonoLisa
Essential plugins: Php Inspections (EA Extended)

Database: TablePlus

TablePlus is the all-in-one database management tool. It can connect to MySQL/MariaDB, Redis, Sqlite and a lot of others (that I don’t use). It is fast, macOS Native and has a clean interface.

Git: Fork

Although I also use the Git integration of PhpStorm for small things, most of the time I use Fork as my main Git client. It is fast, macOS Native and has a clean interface.

API Client: Paw

At my work we’re building an API that needs a lot of testing. Paw is my main app for making calls to the API endpoints I’m working on. I’ve tried also Insomnia and Postman, but I keep coming back to Paw. It can organise my 624 requests (at the time of writing) at high speed and making, testing and debugging API calls is a breeze. Also, it is fast, macOS Native and has a clean interface.

Terminal: iTerm2

I guess it is the most used terminal on macOS. I’m using ZSH with the oh-my-zsh plugin and the Spaceship prompt. Again, the font is MonoLisa and the color scheme used is OneHalf Dark.

iTerm2 screenshot

I’ve also installed exa as an alternative for ls, bat as cat replacement and micro as nano replacement. I’ve configured the following aliases for those apps:

alias l="exa --long --all --no-permissions --classify $*"
alias .="l $*"
alias cat="bat --theme OneHalfDark -P $*"
alias m="micro $*"