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My smart home setup

·2 mins

Since a few years I’ve been using Home Assistant to automate my home. It started small, with just a few lights and my television. But with the passing of time, each new device or light that I bought, had as requirement that it can be integrated with Home Assistant.

My current setup exists of a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB) with Kingston SSD storage instead of a micro SD card.

Backbone #

Raspberry Pi 4 4GBThe heart of the house
Kingston A2000 250GB SSDThe memory of the house
ConBee II USB StickMain gateway for Zigbee supported devices
Ikea TRÅDFRI Gateway“Legacy” gateway
Hue Bridge“Legacy” gateway

Controllers #

Home Assistant iOS AppMain controller
Node-REDUsed for all the automations
Google Nest HubVoice/touch control
Google Nest MiniVoice control
HomeKit/SiriVoice control

Lights #

Model# In use# Not in use
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum (E27 - with remote)3x
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum (E14)2x
TRÅDFRI Warm Glow (E27 - clear glass)2x2x
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum and colour (E27)1x
TRÅDFRI GU10 White Spectrum3x
Hue White (E27)1x1x
Hue Bloom1x

Sensors & Switches #

Nefit Easy Thermostat1x
Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor4x
Aqara Door and Window Sensor2x
Aqara Motion Sensor2x
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch1x

Other Smart Devices #

Ikea FYRTUR roller blind (block-out)1x
Ikea KADRILJ roller blind1x
nVidia Shield (2017)1x

Retired devices #

Aqara Hub2020-06-08Replaced with the ConBee II
Synology DS218+2020-05-13Replaced with the Pi 4 + SSD
Raspberry Pi 3B+summer 2018Replaced with Docker on Synology
Hue Go?Demolished by my kids