My Smart Home Setup

A brief overview of my Smart Home setup.

Since a few years I've been using Home Assistant to automate my home. It started small, with just a few lights and my television. But with the passing of time, each new device or light that I bought, had as requirement that it can be integrated with Home Assistant.

My current setup exists of a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB) with Kingston SSD storage instead of a micro SD card.


Raspberry Pi 4 4GB The heart of the house
Kingston A2000 250GB SSD The memory of the house
ConBee II USB Stick Main gateway for Zigbee supported devices
Ikea TRÅDFRI Gateway "Legacy" gateway
Hue Bridge "Legacy" gateway


Home Assistant iOS App Main controller
Node-RED Used for all the automations
Google Nest Hub Voice/touch control
Google Nest Mini Voice control
HomeKit/Siri Voice control


Model # in use # not in use
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum (E27 - with remote) 3x  
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum (E14) 2x  
TRÅDFRI Warm Glow (E27 - clear glass) 2x 2x
TRÅDFRI White Spectrum and colour (E27) 1x  
TRÅDFRI GU10 White Spectrum 3x  
Hue White (E27) 1x 1x
Hue Bloom 1x  

Sensors & Switches

Device # in use
Nefit Easy Thermostat 1x
Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor 4x
Aqara Door and Window Sensor 2x
Aqara Motion Sensor 2x
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch 1x

Other Smart Devices

Device # in use
Ikea FYRTUR roller blind (block-out) 1x
Ikea KADRILJ roller blind 1x
nVidia Shield (2017) 1x

Retired devices

Device Retire date Reason
Aqara Hub 2020-06-08 Replaced with the ConBee II
Synology DS218+ 2020-05-13 Replaced with the Pi 4 + SSD
Raspberry Pi 3B+ summer 2018 Replaced with Docker on Synology
Hue Go ? Demolished by my kids