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KPN Interactive Tv Error 9990

Als je bij de activatie van de KPN Interactive TV-ontvanger (zowel de 4K als de ‘oudere’ HD-ontvanger) tegen error code -9990 aanloopt, betekend dit dat je een IP-conflict hebt met een ander apparaat op je netwerk.

My smart home setup

Since a few years I’ve been using Home Assistant to automate my home. It started small, with just a few lights and my television. But with the passing of time, each new device or light that I bought, had as requirement that it can be integrated with Home Assistant.

Multi Arch Dsmr Remote Datalogger With Logging

The old Docker image only worked on a Raspberry Pi and was built on a specific Raspberry Pi Python image. This new release is based on the more generic and official Python 3 Alpine image. Also, I’ve figured out how to build images for multiple architectures without building a single image on each platform.